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News & Events 20 January 2017

Gulfood - 2017

In a market valued at more than $5 trillion globally, the business opportunities are vast and the stakes are high. To grow, you must remain agile, sourcing the latest products from the most competitive suppliers armed with real-time knowledge of industry pricing and forthcoming trends.

News & Events 22 October 2016

World of Tea - Teheran 2016

The 14th International Tea Seminar and exhibition in Teheran - Iran will be held from 07 - 09 November 2016. Vintage Teas will be taking part for the second time with Sri Lanka Tea Board Pavilion - Booth No. 027.

Vintage Range 25 September 2016

Gift Sets

A perfect gift for the discerning tea lover. Assorted collections of our most popular teas in beautifully packed boxes of different sizes to suit your taste buds and pocket!

Vintage Range 25 September 2016

International Collection

A range of indulgent teas especially selected for gourmet tastes from around the world. Here you’ll find global favourites such as, Spicy Chai, Oolong and the ever popular English Breakfast.

Vintage Range 25 September 2016


In the mood to infuse? Say hello to the summer with this delicious range of healthy herb and fruit flavours. Each gentle sip leaves just a hint of tantalising taste on your tongue.

Vintage Range 17 September 2016

Organic Ceylon Spice

Exclusively sourced and farm grown from the much-sought-after spice gardens of Sri Lanka we take our Fair Trade certification very seriously to make sure your Ceylon spice is just right!

Vintage Range 17 September 2016

Loose Leaf Teas

It’s all abut the leaf and we have a selection of the finest for you... from peppermint to chai and everything in between, there’s an infinite variety of assorted flavours to choose from – take your pick.

Vintage Range 17 September 2016

Morning After Tea

Do you need a gentle nudge or an earth shattering shake-down to get you going when the sun rises? This unique collection is specially blended with mornings in mind but feel free to enjoy at any time of day.

Vintage Range 17 September 2016

Regional Teas

We care about the environment and our range of ozone friendly teas are a testament to a promise of a better tomorrow. This collection brings you the unique characteristics from different climactic regions of Ceylon.

Vintage Range 17 September 2016

Green Teas

What’s bright, healthy and rich in antioxidants? The simple answer is Vintage fine Green tea! This vibrant selection gives you an invigorating energy boost with each sip.

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Our teas encompass the finest tastes and textures, using state-of-the-art equipment to create full-bodied aromatic blends, but our work doesn’t end there.

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